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We specialize in full service archery, new & used firearms and hunting & fishing accessories, and have the largest selection of live bait in Eastern Iowa. By Cedar Rapids, Pleasant Creek Rec Area, Cedar River. Also near Waterloo, Anamosa,  Iowa City.

Palo Outdoors is surrounded by thousands of acres of public hunting and fishing opportunities within five miles.


hunting servicesHunting is what Palo Outdoors does.
Everything from hunting in Alaska to as far south as South Texas along with many experiences out west.

Products by Benelli, Thompson Center, Remington, Hunter Specialties and much more, provide the anchor to a vast array of hunting and shooting supplies at Palo Outdoors.

We have great prices and our ability to order hard-to-find products is unmatched!

Hunting Services

  • Hunter Education/Safety
  • Bowhunter Education/Safety
  • Mounting & Boresighting Scopes
  • Gunsmith Advice
  • Hunting Licenses

We carry all kinds of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, handguns and inexpensive used guns in our Gun Shop.

Variety and Service

shootingOur staff is dedicated to provide outstanding customer service in hunting, including knowledge of new and used firearms and supplying all of your every day needs in your hunting and shooting adventures.

Check out our new and used firearms. We are a Benelli, Stoeger and Thompson center dealer with a great selection of handguns too.

We are proud to show a full selection of Hunter Specialties products and much more to make your next hunting experience the best it can be.

We have a large selection of Muzzle loading supplies, with the knowledge to help you make the best decisions, the next time you take your muzzle loader out.

Our ammo selection caters to the plinker, shooting a .17 or .22 to the handgun shooter, shotgunner and center fire rifle shooter - we have it all.

Open Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday: 7am - 8pm
Sunday: 7am - 6pm


1204 1st Street, Palo, Iowa
Near Cedar Rapids, Marion, Waterloo, Iowa City, Anamosa, Pleasant Creek

Licences & Fees

Get your Licenses at Palo Outdoors


  • Hunting....$19.00
  • Habitat Fee (Ages 16-65....$13.00
  • Migratory Game Bird Fee....$10.00
  • Fur harvester License (Age 16 and up)....$22.50
  • Fur harvester License (Under 16)....$7.50
  • Hunting Preserve....$7.00
  • Lifetime Hunting (Age 65 and older)....$52.50
  • Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing....$7.00

Resident Deer License

  • Any Deer....$28.50
  • Antlerless-only, First License....$28.50
  • Antlerless-only, Second License and all others....$13.00

Landowner-Tenant License-Farm Unit Only

  • Any Deer....$2.00
  • Antlerless-only....$2.00
  • Reduced-fee Antlerless-only....$13.00